Grid connected systems

Grid Connected Solar Systems.

When the sun shines on a solar module the solar cells generate DC electricity. A grid connected inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar cells into 240V AC electricity, which is then fed back into the sites electricity system or exported to the electricity grid.
In the event that the electricity grid fails, the inverter will sense that the grid is no longer active and will shut down as a protection measure.
Generally, the electricity fed back into the grid is recorded on a net meter. Your electricity provider may pay you a nominal amount for each kilowatt hour of electricity that your grid connected system feeds into the grid.

There are three main types of grid connect inverters in:

1) String Inverters

2) Micro Inverters

3) Hybrid Inverters (Including some off grid inverters)

For the advantages between String Inverters and micro inverters click here.

Electricity that is fed back into the grid is referred to as a feed in tariff, for more information on feed in tariffs click here.


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