Attractive feed in tariff

New South Wales Tariff

Gross vs. Net metering

 A gross metered system exports all generated electricity to the grid. The gross feed in tariff scheme has been closed to all new grid connect applicants in NSW.

A net metered system allows you to use any solar generated electricity at your site first and any surplus is exported to the grid. This means you will not be charged for any electricity you consume that you have generated with your solar system if the generation and consumption of the electricity occurs at the same time. This will reduce your electricity bill by the equivalent number of kilowatt hours.

Any electricity that is exported back into the grid is recorded on a net meter.

There is currently no mandated feed in tariff in NSW the majority of retailers will pay approximately $0.06 per kilowatt hour. Check with your energy provider for more details. HPS can help you get a feed in Tariff of $0.10 to $0.20 per kilowatt hour on systems over 10kW (as of 01/05/2016). Contact us now to find out more.

Potential savings under the net metering system are based on your daytime consumption and the output of the system you install. We can assist you to calculate the benefit.


A typical 3kW system installed in the Central West will produce approximately 2400kWh per annum. If consumed onsite where electricity is currently charged at $0.28/kWh, it will save approximately $1379 per annum. This is the best case saving on the best case scenario for the system i.e. if all of the solar energy generated coincided with the loads large enough to use the generated power. In practice all customers load profiles are different and the generated solar energy does is not always available when the peak loads are present, such as in the late evening. For instance if only half the energy produced by the solar system was used by an load within the clients property then the expected savings would be reduced to approximately $838 per annum.

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