Solar For Schools

Why should my school go solar?

Schools have enormous incentives to install solar power!

Save Money

With rising electricity prices and lowering costs of solar; the savings in generating your own electricity are ever increasing. Schools have the opportunity to take a high percentage of their solar utilisation, afterall they have their biggest loads during the daylight hours. This allows for a faster payback period and alot less energy bought from the grid at approximately 30c/kWh.

Create Educational Opportunites

Having their own solar system to monitor creates real life learning environments for sustainability and technology. Students can learn from the all ages how sunlight is converted into electricity, how using a renewable source of energy can impact our environment reducing emissions. It can be intergrated into maths, science and technologies programs in a more practical sense; that can be seen first hand.

Help Our Planet

An entire generation can benefit from a energy efficent and sustainability conscious student body. Learning about sustainable green energy production, reducing carbon emissions and it’s effects on our planet can have a huge impact on our environment and future.

Even if your school isn’t quite ready for solar energy there are other ways to reduce electricity costs and save money. Most schools have multiple if not hundreds of old flourescent lighting throughout the classrooms and grounds, changing these lights to energy efficent LED’s can dramatic reduce electricity usage and costs.

Find out more in Energy Efficent Lighting.

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