Solar Applications

Solar Automated Gate Opening Kits

Gate Opening KitAvailable as:

  • Stand Alone Systems
  • Integrated into larger remote controlled systems

Solar Automated Gate Opening Kits

Convenience – Security – Peace of Mind

G-Force has been designing & manufacturing
Automatic Gate Kits for over 6 yrs. As an established Gate Supplier, They know what our customers need, specializing in Solar & Low-Voltage Solutions that often save our Customers many $$$ when compared to equivalent Mains-powered alternatives.

  • Battery Backup For All Kits
  • Simple Settings
  • Emergency Release
  • Range Of Visitor Access Options

 Solar Powered Water Pumps

Available as:

  • Stand Alone Systems
  • Integrated into larger remote controlled systems

Example Systems Available:

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  • Ideal for Small garden features
  • Completely submersible
  • Various models available
  • Livestock watering

Radio Control Systems


SPLat Contral Systems logoSPLat (“Simply Programmed Logic automation tool”) controllers are an electronic device that includes a number of “inputs” and “outputs”. The inputs connect to external devices such as switches, object detectors, or temperature sensors. The outputs drive actuators, such as solenoid valves, motors, or lamps.

The inputs to the controller provide information about what is happening in its world. The outputs from the controller allow it to control events in its world, such as open a gate, turn on a pump or run a motor.

In fact, a SPLat is like a small computer that has been optimised for control applications. SPLat can be used in conjunction with a solar or wind turbine system to provide a comprehensive control system for any situation from small residential up to larger commercial and rural applications.

Example applications include:

  • Garden lights
  • Sports ground lighting
  • Solar powered gate openers
  • Water pumps (landscaping, rural and commercial)
  • Generators
  • Virtually anything with an on/off switch
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