Small- scale Technology Certificates

Renewable Energy Target  liable entities have a legal obligation to buy and surrender to the Clean Energy Regulator, when this happens Small- scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) are created. STC’s are generated from eligible systems based on the geographical location, date of installation, and the amount of mega watts hours generated by the system over the course of its lifetime of up to 15 years.

Eligible systems:

  • Installation of approved Solar PV panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Hydro Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters ( over its lifetime of up to 10yrs)
  • Air source Heat Pumps ( over its lifetime of up to 10yrs)

Once created and validated, the STC’s act as a form of currency and can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system. At Hybrid Power Systems we offer a point of sale discount of STC’s directly off you install cost.

This solar rebate will begin to be phased out from 2017, meaning the amount of STC’s will drop by approximately 15% each year.

For example:

A 5kW solar system in zone 3, installed in 2016 is eligible for 103 STC’s, which at the current rate is $3,914 saving off the cost of installing your system. In 2017 the number of STC’s will drop to 96, with a value of $3,648, that’s $266 less!

The price of STC’s are driven by supply and demand of the renewable energy certificate market and flucuates daily.

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