Selectronics SP PRO

Selectronics SP PRO

Although this inverter is traditionally used as an off grid inverter it can be used as a hybrid inverter as well.

This gives it the advantage of being “off grid” ready. If customer with an SP PRO installed as part of a hybrid system decides to go completely off grid the inverter would not need to be replaced just reprogrammed.

This interactive inverter charger is a top of the range inverter charger is Australian made.

The added cost of this product is more than made up for with its quality and vast programming ability.

Gen-sets and selected loads such as hot water can be programmed to be turned on and off depending on other loads, the amount of renewable energy available or the battery charge level.

If the load is to large to be supported from the renewable generation and the batteries the Selectronics SP PRO can synchronise to a generator or the grid to supply the deficit. In this way all of the available renewable energy can be put to use. Inverters that can synchronise with an AC source in this way rather than using a automatic transfer switch are a far better solution to meeting short fall demand.

The Selectronics SP PRO max AC output including import from a generator or the grid ranges from 15kW to 30kW. This means that the unit is capable of delivering energy large loads such as hot water or cook tops.

The unit can be paired with a large range of battery types, charger types and or inverters.

The SP PRO can be programmed to export excess power to a desired level and can push excess generation to the grid or a load such as a under floor heating or a hot water system.

For the specifications of the Selectronics SP PRO  click here.

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