National Solar Schools Program

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 National Solar Schools Program

The National Solar Schools Program re-opened for funding 13th February 2012. Applications close 4th May 2012. This will be the FINAL round of funding under this program. The 2011-2012 round has made over $25 million available to schools to install solar power systems.

Schools which were unsuccessful in the previous round are encouraged to re-apply. Schools applying for the 2012-2013 round of funding must complete an online application prior to the closing date and should read the program guidelines prior to applying:

National Solar Schools Program grants are available for the installation of a range of renewable energy generation, water and energy efficiency measures, including:

  • solar power systems (minimum 2kW new or upgrade to be eligible for full funding)
  • rainwater tanks
  • small wind turbines
  • small hydro power generators
  • solar hot water systems
  • energy efficient lighting
  • ceiling fans
  • door and window draught seals
  • sensors, timers and thermostats
  • automatic door closers and automatic sliding doors
  • double glazing
  • skylights
  • shade awnings

Non-government schools are eligible for a grant under the National Solar Schools Program if they are in receipt of Australian Government Grants for Recurrent Expenditure under the Schools Assistance Act 2008.

Government schools are eligible for a grant under the National Solar Schools Program if they are officially recognised by their state or territory government education authority as a school providing primary and/or secondary education.

Projects funded under the National Solar Schools Program must meet certain requirements:

  • The funding requested must be related only to the supply and installation of eligible items.
  • Works must only be carried out at the school site for which funding has been approved.
  • All installed items must be new and meet relevant Australian Standards.
  • A solar power system must be installed by a designer/installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Hybrid Power Systems P/L is accredited to design and install solar systems.
  • All other work (for example, electrical or plumbing) must be completed by suitably licensed people.
  • All work must meet Australian, state and local government regulations.
  • All necessary approvals and permits must be obtained.


Can your school afford to spend more than $115000 on electricity unnecessarily?

How much power do you use?           How much is your quarterly electricity bill?

 An investment in 2012 of around $9100 (fully installed, after STC’s) could save you $115000 over the life of a solar power system without taking into account the inevitable rises in electricity costs, carbon tax, maximum demand charges, etc you will avoid paying!

A 10kW system will provide you with an average of 45kWh per day of passively generated, clean, renewable energy.

Insure yourself against electricity price increases, reduce your running costs.

Why you should choose Hybrid Power Systems.

We have over 100 years combined experience in the electrical industry, we have installed hundreds of systems throughout the central west, we can engineer a solution for your school and


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What have you got to lose? Potentially, more than $115000.

What’s the return on investment?


System information:

System size:


Total Cost: $33000
Cost after STC’s: $25791 ($33000 – 267 STCs @ $27 each)



Electricity tariff:

$0.30 per kWh

Export Tariff: $0.05 (Minimum NET FIT under latest IPART recommendations)


Let us help you significantly reduce your outgoings & save.

Contact Hybrid Power Systems for an engineered solution to your energy needs.

Leah Hudson
Commercial Sales
0417 677 221

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