Metering Changes

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WIth the 60c feed in tariff scheme now finished, I’m sure there are alot of people wondering what they can do to make best use of their solar systems.

System that were on the 60c Scheme were gross metered, meaning they exported directly to the grid and household power was bought back at a normal rate. With the new rate being 6c/kW on average now ( depending on your retailer), everyone is looking for a better alternative. Changing your Gross meter over to a Net meter allows you to use the solar your system is producing first, with excess exported to the grid, essentially lowering your power bill for electricity used while your system is generating. Some retailers have offered to change your meters over free of charge, however there has been reports of delays in getting the meters changed. At Hybrid Power Systems we can give you a quote for changing your meter, and start making better use of your solar system today!

Another alternative if your not using the power during the day is to consider storing your solar energy. There are a variety of battery storage options on the market now, with more and more technology becoming available.

So whether your interested in changing your meter, installing battery storage, need a service call on your existing system or looking to expand and upgrade your system, Hybrid Power Systems can get the job done.

Have a chat to one of our friendly staff about your options today!

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