Commercial? Why don’t you have solar?

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Can your business afford to spend more than $60000 on electricity unnecessarily?

How much power do you use?           How much is your quarterly electricity bill?

 An investment in 2012 of around $9100 (fully installed, after STC’s) could save you $60000 over the life of a solar power system without taking into account the inevitable rises in electricity costs, carbon tax, maximum demand charges, etc you will avoid paying!

A 5kW system will provide you with an average of 22.5kWh per day of passively generated, clean, renewable energy.

Insure yourself against price increases, improve your long term cash flow, increase the value of your premises.  Renting? The system is fully transportable.

There are also NSW Government rebates of up to $5000 available to offset your investment in other energy efficiency products which will maximise your benefit from your solar power installation.

We have over 100 years combined experience in the electrical industry, we can engineer a solution for your business and WE ARE TRULY LOCAL.

Call us today for an obligation free information appointment.

What have you got to lose? Potentially, more than $60000

What’s the return on investment?

System information:

System size:


Total Cost: $15906.00
Cost after STC’s: $9066.00 ($15906.00 – 171 STCs @ $40 each)



Electricity tariff:

$0.30 per kWh

Export Tariff: $0.05 (Minimum NET FIT under latest IPART recommendations)


 Let us help you significantly reduce your outgoings & improve your bottom line.

Contact Hybrid Power Systems for an engineered solution to your energy needs.

Leah Hudson
Commercial Sales
0417 677 221

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