HPS Arcsafe

We are pleased to announce that HPS Arcsafe are the Australian and Worldwide marketing agents for the High, Medium and Low Circuit Breaker Racking Units and the Remote Switching Actuators manufactured in Australia.

There has been a lot of new technology incorporated into these units in recent times, including their certification under HAZOP.

HPS Arcsafe is a division of Hybrid Power Systems Pty Ltd and along with our sister company Sustainable Energy Design Pty Ltd, with over 100 years combined electrical experience, can offer you a number of electrical solutions including Power Factor Correction, Circuit Breaker & Transformer Replacement or Refurbishment, Power Line Design and Construction, Commercial PV Solar Installations, Gensets, Wind Generation, Grid Connect & Offgrid Systems.

We now offer a number of purchasing options for the CBRUs. As well as a cash purchase, we can offer leasing arrangements or we can carry out your racking requirements ourselves both racking out and racking in. Please contact us for further details.

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