Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system uses a combination of multiple energy sources. The term is now being used to describe grid connected solar systems with a battery bank included into the system. In this way excess energy (not being used by loads) generated from the solar array can be used to charge the batteries. This energy can be used at a later time when the solar may not be able to supply the loads such as at night. Any energy requirement not able to be met by the solar array or from the batteries is then imported from the grid.

Hybrid systems of this nature are used to “load shift” or reduce power bills. Power bills will not be reduced to zero unless the system is an “off grid” system which requires a larger amount of batteries, solar panels and sometimes an alternative source such as a diesel generator.

Hybrid systems can reduce power bills and are able to operate for a period of time without the grid support when grid power outages occur.

There are a large number of hybrid inverters and systems each with its own positives and negatives.

With a variety of battery types now available, we can design a system to suit your needs!

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