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Giant Power

Giant Power off grid products offer great value for money solutions. Using Giant Power products HPS can deliver small, medium and large systems at a very completive price point. Single or three phase systems are a breeze to set up. The Giant power complete systems offer one of the most visually appealing systems on the market along with some of best warranties on the market.

With complete prewired systems or custom designed and built, a large range of batteries and the versatility of a system that can be either fully off grid or grid connected HPS can deliver a Giant Power system to you whatever your needs.

Large off grid systems with an output of up to 24kW/30kVA can be created by placing the Giant Power inverter/ IPS in series with itself of up to six units.

For use with a hybrid system unless multiple inverters are installed the IPS reverts to a hybrid uninterruptible power supply (UPS). As in the picture below.

Giant power 3

Circuits such as light and power are supplied by the IPS in the order of renewable energy, batteries and then imported from the grid up to the rating of the inverter. Large loads such as electric hot water systems and cook tops bypass the inverter and are supplied as normal from the grid. This limitation can be resolved by “staking” two or more inverters together.


For specifications of the Giant Power IPS click here.

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