Hybrid Power Systems has the tools to make your business more energy efficent!

Wether it be with a solar system, hybrid system, industrial generators or LED lights we can size/design a system to suit you.

 Your company’s bottom line has the potential to grow through reduced operating costs, as well additional PR and marketing tools through a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Before investing in any solar system, make sure to check for cost effectiveness.
Depending upon your particular needs, there are various components that influence the cost viability for your business, including:

System Size

Bigger systems can cost less per watt than smaller systems due to economies of scale; giving them a quicker payback period in most cases.

Complexity of Installation

Will your system require ground mounts or tilt frames? Are there any obstructions on the roof to avoid?

These things can add additional costs to your system.

Overall System Production

Will your system be on the correct orientation and pitch for optimum results?

Operation & Maintenance

Solar systems are very low maintenance power supplies, with only needing occassional cleaning of the panels, visual examinations and repairs  for optimal output.

Simple Solar Pre-Check

  1. Do you have roof space with decent sun exposure?- No obstructions
  2. Do you own the building or is your landlord interested in going solar?
  3. Have you assessed your power bill?

Or send us a copy to assess it for you.

If going solar isn’t viable for your business we have other options for you to make your business more sustainable and save money

  • LED lighting
  • Solar Hot Water Systems



Solar For SchoolsCreate real-life learning environments for students.

Business- Customised for small of large business operations.

Energy Efficent Lighting- Installation of LED’s to reduce energy usage.

Industrial Gensets- Quality industrial generators for commercial use.



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