Run your Office with Solar

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Are your bills taking too much from your business profits? Having lost production when there is a blackout, or power outage? Why not think about Solar! Our office is running a UPS/ Off Grid system that reduces our power bills, protects us from blackouts and allow us to continue working during power outages. Our system is a small Giant Power off grid system with Carbon Lead batteries, which gives usRead More

Metering Changes

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WIth the 60c feed in tariff scheme now finished, I’m sure there are alot of people wondering what they can do to make best use of their solar systems. System that were on the 60c Scheme were gross metered, meaning they exported directly to the grid and household power was bought back at a normal rate. With the new rate being 6c/kW on average now ( depending on your retailer),Read More

Hybrid System

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Another system completed in time for Christmas, was a new hybrid system added on to a small existing system. This system comprised of 22 Csun panels, with the very neat Redback Technologies Smart Hybid Inverter, and a lithium battery.

60kW install

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Our team completed this local large install of 60kW  just in time for Christmas! The system comprised of 240 Csun solar panels, with 3 Fronius 20kW inverters. So if your looking for a solar system on a larger scale give us a call, we handle both commercial and residential systems.

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